Swalcliffe Woodland Play Park Reports

Current Play reports area as Green Low Risk 3

Swalcliffe Woodland Play Park Opening

Each week the Woodland play park is inspected for the following item:

  • General appearance, is anything look out of place
  • Gate closure and anti trap
  • path inspection and depth of walk bark and raked where appropriate
  • edges of path and wood retainers
  • fence and enclosure
  • signs and seasonal information
  • dustbin area and buggy park
  • Playdale benches and seats
  • grassed area
  • Playdale play equipment gaps in wood and seats of swing
  • slide structure and run off zone
  • depth of play bark and rake where appropriate
  • Any contact emails reported to Management Committee
  • Bird boxes will be checked quarterly

Report 27.02.19

Each year there is the annual risk assessment reports. These are carrie out by a certified body (RPII) – below followed by the work done to address things:

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Swalcliffe Parish Council Post Installation Inspection Responses