Finalising the Parish Plan

In April 2015, a survey was carried out among the Swalcliffe residents to garner their views on village life and amenities. Over 82% responded to the written questionnaire {177 responses from 215 residents}. 90% of respondents thought Swalcliffe was an excellent or good place to live and people valued most the landscape, tranquillity and friendly neighbours. Most people thought there was a strong community spirit and there was a desire to strengthen it.

Over the last 4 years, we have built on these findings to establish village groups and make improvements to the village infrastructure including our woodland play area and a defibrillator. You can find out more about these elsewhere in this website.

For further information please read the Looking to the future report

Parish Plan Looking to the Future

and the supporting survey results

Survey 177 resonses.pdf
Detailed Responses to the Village survey website