Latest update on Sugarnet Broadband in the village


Is Superfast Broadband is in the village?

Well the answer is yes!
As well as the microwave version offered by (formally Sugarnet) BT openreach look like they have finally got their act together to get fibre to the cabinet. We have not had any literature yet but it looks like it won’t be long now.

So watch out for the emails shortly to your device. Assuming you have signed up to their GDPR compliant notifications. If not then please click here to get a quote. As with all items the choice is yours.


Good to see that as promised work has started on the church tower infrastructure. The Sugarnet installation has started…. watch this space for more

The Church authorities have now approved the contract with Sugarnet to install their Broadband Relay panels on the church tower. Sugarnet expect to complete the installation and testing of their equipment by early May.

They then plan to start connecting households in the village who want to subscribe from the second week of May onwards.
If you are interested in their Broadband service, but haven’t already registered on the Village website or directly with Sugarnet, now would be a good time to contact Sugarnet!

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